WorldAgoras.com (한국시장 & B2B trading Platform) takes each prefecture-level city as a unit, cooperates with the local government, aiming at local manufacturing enterprises and export trading enterprises, intends to launch a global trade trading platform for export trading enterprises, to provide trade orders for such enterprises, to help local enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, grow stronger rapidly, and local governments provide corresponding advantages. Benefit policy, and in the areas of commodity inspection, customs, logistics, finance and so on, data sharing, in order to win preferential policies for such enterprises and provide orders, but also for us to collect membership fees and order drawing and other income to lay the foundation, this cooperation with the government exclusive, determines the uniqueness, monopoly, and non-replicability. We also have two bright spots: 1. We have successfully built 1200 search engine directory links in five major language families worldwide; 2. We provide members with automatic conversion of dozens of languages in five major language families to ensure that member enterprises get the ideal ranking of portal search engines in countries intending to export.

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